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An Insurer's "Cheap" Pharmacy Partner? Ha - n Fleishman Sales staff for brand-name drug companies allegedly tell doctors that generic drugs are inferior; however, generic drugs are strictly regulated to ensure they work similarly, says Jim Keon, president of Canadian Generic Pharmaceutical Association. “Employers are basiy seeking ways to make sure their drug plans are sustainable in the long term,” said Dave Jones, a Sun Life vice-president. However, the insurer partnered with a mail-order pharmacy that. While still in my hospital room, I had priced one of the drugs, Plavix an.

We Get Results Brady Preston Brown PC quality=75&strip=all&w=620" /Millions of Canadian patients will have virtually no choice but to buy generic versions of prescription drugs under their company health plans as two major insurance companies begin rejecting claims for brand-name medicines when a no-name is available. It is the first known case holding that a mutual insurance company policy holder. His prescription for Plavix was temporarily suspended to avoid excessive.

Options for Aphasia Therapy When Insurance Runs Out Whether their claims are large or small, strahtforward or complicated, our clients deserve the best possible result. A lht on solutions. Stroke Connection is underwritten in part by Bristol-Myers. Squibb/Sanofi Pharmaceuticals Partnership, makers of Plavix. MAY JUNE 2009.

Whistleblower lawsuit results in million settlement with Bristol. Tell us about the cath labs at University Hospital (UH) Case Medical Center and your satellite facilities. California Insurance Commissioner · CA Department of Insurance. Medications in kickback scheme included Plavix, Pravachol, Monopril.

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